Welcome to Kamiyama Neurosurgery!

We started Kamiyama Neurosurgery School in Teishinkai Hospital, Sapporo since April, 2012. Dr. Hiroyasu Kamiyama is one of expert neurosurgeon, especially in cerebrovascular surgery, not only clipping aneurysm but also vascular reconstruction for various lesions. Kamiyama school was organized in Teishinkai hospital in order to succeed huge knowledge and surgical techniques which were achieved by Dr. Kamiyama for more than 40 years experience. Dr. Rokuya Tanikawa, Director of Stroke Center, Teishinkai hospital was designated as a successor in next generation in neurosurgery by Dr. Kamiyama.

We have excellent educational curriculum for young neurosurgeon with a lot of surgical cases, more than 600 hundred surgeries in a year. Many young neurosurgeons from all over Japan are gathering to our school in order to learn philosophy for surgery, surgical anatomy, surgical techniques, and mentality as a neurosurgeon. More than 40 neurosurgeons and OR nurses from all over the world visited us to learn microsurgery for cerebrovascular and skull base surgery. Teishinkai hospital and Kamiyama neurosurgery school continuously will accept neurosurgical fellows from all over the world and the fellows can observe the surgeries everyday, can participate the morning conference every morning on Monday to Friday.